Pre K

Our Pre-K class is for children who are 4 years and older.

The goal of our Pre-K program is to provide your child with the skills and experiences to successfully move on to Kindergarten. Our Pre-K curriculum is designed around a safe, nurturing environment which allows each child to learn and explore at their own pace.

In our Pre-K class, your child will start each day by answering the "Question of the Day". This incorporates language, graphing, estimating and counting. The question generally coincides with our theme for the week, so it also starts your child thinking about what they will be learning.

From there, the children move directly to Free Choice Time.  Free choice opportunities range from dress-up, housekeeping, manipulatives such as Legos or K'nex, the sensory table or writing center as well as special art or theme-related activities.

Circle Time is our chance to practice "kindergarten skills" such as taking turns, listening and sharing ideas with classmates. Math skills (graphing, estimation, sorting, patterning, counting, adding, subtracting, even oral story problems) are practiced every day.  This is also the time when we have fun with music, rhythm and movement activities. Our songs and movement activities generally go along with our theme, but some songs we do just because they're fun!

Every week we introduce a new "Letter Buddy" until we have made it all the way through the alphabet.  Since each child learns at their own pace, we include many different activities with each letter.  We search for the letter in "environmental print", write the letter, find and identify partner letters, practice the letter sound, classify items that start with individual letters and play games with letters.

There are many skills that children need in order to be able to read, and we incorporate as many of these skills as we can throughout our program.  In addition to the letters themselves and their sounds, we work on "story sense" by reading and talking about stories.  We write and illustrate class books and share them with our families.  We use language in verbal form with "show-n-tell", questions and answers and interviews with special guests.  We talk about rhyming words and alliterations, and make lists and take dictation.

Art is included every day in our program.  Sometimes we have step-by-step, "direction-following" art; sometimes we have "free" art - such as easel painting.  No matter what the process, art empowers the students and their art work is amazing and makes them proud.

Our Pre-K program is designed to be safe, nurturing and fun.  Through games and other ways of exploring, we seek to provide your child with the skills they need to succeed in kindergarten as well as start them on a lifetime of joyful learning.

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