We are proud to offer what we consider one of the most comprehensive Pre-K programs in the area.
We use Common Core State Standards to design our unique curriculum. With so many years of
experience, we know how important it is to continually adjust our curriculum and instruction to meet the
individual needs of each child as well as the dynamics of each class. The overall goal of our Pre-K Plus
class is to provide each child with the skills and experiences to successfully move on to Kindergarten.


Our Pre-K Plus class is for children who are 4 ½ - 5 ½ years old. We have found that having class
4 days a week offers a step that is closer to Kindergarten.  In addition, while our class is still very
busy, it is less hurried.  There is enough time for the children to fully participate in all the
activities, and still do their work with care.


Our day begins with Free Choice indoor time, and ends with free outdoor time.  This is the time for your
child’s self-exploration and the chance to examine their unique interests.  Indoor Free choice opportunities range
from dress-up, housekeeping, manipulatives such as Legos or K'nex, the sensory table or writing center as well as special art or theme-related activities. Indoors or outdoors, this is also a time where friendships are grown and friendship skills are honed.  The children learn to speak for themselves, ask for what they need and work through conflict.  While these are essential, life-long skills they are also indispensable for children heading off to Kindergarten.


We use the “Handwriting Without Tears” curriculum to teach handwriting.  The children learn to form each letter correctly.  Through individual projects, small group games and circle-time activities, the children also learn to identify and name each letter, as well as the sound it makes, including short vowel sounds.  As a group, we introduce and practice “sounding out” 3 and 4 letter, words.


Literacy is important for the development of all children.  Our classroom is full of books and words.  We read stories to them, and we write their stories down.  We write class stories and class books.  We perform puppet shows and skits.  Creative Writing allows the uniqueness of each child to shine through their art and their words.


Because Pre-K Plus meets 4 mornings a week, we have extra time for science.  We do all sorts of science activities from comparing and contrasting, predicting, and cause and effect to looking at the natural world.  We also do science experiments and activities.  The children have to work with care and look at things closely.  Sometimes they work individually, and other times with a partner.  No matter what we do, this is a highlight for our class!


Of course math skills are incorporated throughout our day. We daily answer a “question of the day” using a graph, we examine what answer was more, less and even incorporate adding and subtraction.  The children learn to write and identify numbers .  They learn number order.  We count, 1-10, in different languages.  Every day we count in English and eventually we end up counting and identifying the numbers up to 100.  Through games and activities we work on one-to-one correspondence.  We also work on estimation: “making a wise guess”.


Every day includes art of some form.  Sometimes it is “follow the direction” art.  Sometimes it is “free-form” art.  We use different mediums, tools and ways to express ourselves.  It is important that the art is within the skill set of each child.  Art is expressive; art empowers us.  There is no point for the teacher to do the art for your child.  It needs to be their work.  It is an expression of themselves.


Our Pre-K Plus class is designed to be safe, nurturing, educational, empowering and fun.  Our goal is to balance the educational needs of each child – enabling them to be excellently prepared for kindergarten in all social and academic areas – while still allowing them to experience the pleasures and learning of play, free time and exploration.  Pre-K Plus is a class where “play and learning meet.”


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