Our Club class is especially for 3.5 - 4 year olds. It is a "half-way" step between our Tuesday/Thursday program and our Pre-K classes. It is designed for the kiddos who are too mature for the Little Three’s group yet too young to enter kindergarten the following year.


Like all our classes, our afternoon "Club Class" is set up to allow your child a safe, nurturing place to learn

and explore at their own pace.


At Free Choice Time, they can choose to play with manipulatives, games, dress-up or discover what’s new at our sensory table. They can read books or do an art project. Our writing center is always open. Our 3-1/2 - 4 year olds are introduced to the letters of the alphabet. They learn to write their name. The children work on pre-writing and pre-reading skills. Circle Time always includes fun music, stories and interactive games.


Math - patterning, sorting and counting - is incorporated into many activities.
Language skills are reinforced through show-n-tell, songs, finger plays and
lots of chatting with teachers and friends.


This class provides a chance for your child to have fun, make
good friends and lay a solid foundation for future learning.


Afternoon Club

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